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Villa K-bro retreat


A place for living, eating, playing and sleeping. Movement in a plan, spaces that lack secrecy, a gallery of life where sun, sky, tree and water are animated within the heart, time, movement and change is all over, the garment of nature. Cook, play, taste and laugh, a surface created for performance, the audience are there. Its nothing without souls, spirits, the true occupiers. From a space for many to the closures of the individual, a passageway, a place at the end, a feeling of sanctuary, a place where you are not observed by anyone, private garden, it's not a hotel, only the feeling of one. It's my own space bro


Project name:" Villa K-bro retreat "

Architecture-: Allabina Architecture & Engineering Consultancy

Architects: Walid El-turki, Hajer Jamum, Basma Ben Taher

Location: Misrata – Libya

Project type: Residential

Description: Ground floor - Two guest rooms + bathroom + living room - Main kitchen+ cooking kitchen + outdoor kitchen + laundry room + maid - Four bedrooms + walking closets + bathrooms - Swimming pool + courtyard + play area

Plot area: 8742 m2

Floor area: 853 m2

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