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The Tilt


It’s the unknown, that which is not certain. A wall in motion, sloping, tilting, juxtaposed in an unknown realm. The eye sincere to the uncertainty, loses balance, very aware of the attraction the wall has towards the ground, intelligence gives awareness, its frozen in time, the engineer is here.

The centre, the inner most part of the experience, sun, moon, air and green trees surround all the space, it is a surprise a wonder to the eye, but no it is normal, its impeded within all of us, conformity to that fact, it is it

Walid El-Turki


Architecture- Structure - MEP : Allabina

Location: Misrata – Libya

Description: Mixed Use Development

Number Of Floors: 9 (Ground, 1st,2nd,3rd: Offices 4th,5th,6th,7th & 8th: Service Apartments)

Plot Area : 2658 m2

Total Floor Area : 13050 m2.


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