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The Edge


Architectural office: Allabina

Structure: Allabina

MEP: Allabina

Design Team: Walid Elturki - Mohamed Abudagga - Hager Jamum

Detail Design: +381 Design

Render: Asma El Barasi

Construction: Elturki construction

Site Location: Misrata

Plot size: 800sqm

Total floor area: 5300sqm


The edge is the extreme end of an object, the outside limit, define by the surface, the final layer the eye sees. It defines the form of a thing, the final part. Concrete, glass, wood, steel and marble, nature brought together, artificial in its appearance, not synthetic, contiguous and modest to the relationship between man and nature. Sentimental to the heart. It creates a strong feeling, a mood, guides an understanding to the viewer, known or unknown emotions are at play. The edge is intense, time and order stops, it is the last, the most exciting and impressive part of the performance, it is the presentation of a play, the play of form, material, sun, sky, tree, car, street…………man, it is the grand finally, concluding the connection between the heart, the senses, the eye and the object.

Defining the edge, states your intention, the nature of your intention, of your inventiveness. We define our pure intentions uncontaminated, the eye sees, the heart feels, time continues, indefinite progress of existence, episodes and events of the past, present and future. We create, construct and leave a stain, we must think, think with the heart and have sympathy for our home, of the time and of the situation.


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