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Gateway Park


Architects: OMA (Office for Metropolitan Architecture) Rem koolhaus.

Architectural Consultant and Project Management: allabina architects.

Client: Al-Wahat Tourism Investment & Development Company.

Location: Sebha – Libya.


The model is derived from successful international examples of cultural parks.

A programmatic element with a high degree of built mass are grouped and form three programmatic agglomerations, which are loosely connected to each other by a programmed landscape.

Each of the three entities are “themed” according to the current and planned surrounding urban conditions. Likewise, the three oases Jedid, Qarda and Hajara which formed present-day Sebha, also the Sahara Gateway Park is planned to consist of three “epicenters” which aim to find strong attractors in order to connect the individual clusters through a clearly defined program.

The master plan was approached to fill the variety of functionality and they consist of the following: cultural & science facilities, such as center for desert studies and desert library. sahara museum planetarium, hotel, hospitality school, restaurants.

central cluster visitor’s facilities which include a tourism institute, Tourist transport terminal, visitor center , business incubator, offices.

religion and recreation include Center for Islamic studies, hotel, exhibition, convention center, Community sport facilities.



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