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Al Blange national park



The National Park of the Green Mountain will set new standards for activity park design and sustainability in Libya and beyond. The design will create a new Park at Balange, bringing together communities and people from all walks of life, to enjoy a myriad of different active and passive leisure pursuits whilst fostering an appreciation of the natural environment. A key intention is to create a unique contemporary Libyan design character to the Park, enhancing a deeper understanding of Libyan traditions and culture, the region’s vernacular and use of materials along with the cultural and social use of the external environment.

The Park occupies a site of 55 hectares and is home to a well-established scout camp in the heart of a diverse woodland habitat of high scenic value. The strategy is to expand the potential of the site for a broader range of scouting / adventure activities and other recreational uses within the context of a landscape conservation plan in line with the Cyrene Declaration.


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